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Don’t miss Karen Sanzo in South Africa!

Pretoria: 11-13 September  |  Cape Town: 18-20 September

Karen is the teacher’s teacher; internationally recognized for her innovative, engaging and fun approach to Pilates, and movement, in general. She teaches how to demystify Pilates, making it accessible to everyone.

Her highly effective method of working with beginners, communicating with precision, and demonstrating the fundamentals of movement are invaluable lessons for every type of instructor. Karen will challenge you to learn in a conceptual way, allowing your classes and programming to be limitless.

Day 1 : The Spinal Journey
  • Addressing Spinal Forces using the Cadillac or Tower System (3 hours, R1500)
    • Creating a program that incorporates mobility, stability, flexibility, core strength, balance and coordination, using the Cadillac.  Spinal dysfunctions that may respond better to flexion or extension biased programming will be addressed.
  • When, How and Why – a Mat Makeover (2.5 hours, R1250)
    • Key discoveries in this fun, invigorating, workshop will be when, how and why to facilitate spinal mobility and stability coupled with when, how and why to challenge, using the power of props.
  • Cervical Spine Focus (2 hours, R1050)
    • Forward head posture is more than just a pain in the neck. We’ll examine the relationships between (and within) the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spines. Creating optimal neuro-motor programming. It’s not always what to do; sometimes it’s what NOT to do and recognizing when the relationship is being compromised.
Day 2: Advancing as a Teacher
  • The Articulate Teacher (3 hours, R1500)

    • An articulate teacher uses specific word cues to relay anatomical information in a clear manner, avoiding the use of verbal ‘crutches’ Explore deliberate teaching and practice.
  • Reformer Reminders (2.5 hours, R1250)
    • Use basic to intermediate level reformer exercises for head to toe assessment.  Dynamic evaluation during movement will facilitate programming when exercises become more advanced.
  • More Than Core: Conceptual Building Blocks (2 hours, R1050)
    • Ever work with a client who is an exercise beast?  Yet, when you start their workout you discover what they really lack is core AWARENESS.  Learn how to meet these workout warriors where they are, challenging their brains and bodies, while “catching up their core.”
Day 3 Fascia: Anatomy, Flexibility, Stability and Treatment
  • Dynamic Flexibility/Stability (2 hours, R1050)
    • The type of stretching best suited for athletes or rehabilitation has been in question for years.  Using Mat and equipment exercises, this course will address strategies to stimulate the neuromuscular system with optimal effects on joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.
  • Myofasical Release Techniques – MFR (3 hours, R1500)
    • Combined with Dynamic Flexibility, discover how MFR can reduce pain, restore motion and ultimately improve movement. We will define fascia and explain its importance in the overall structure of the body. Hands on fascial loading will be demonstrated and practiced using Karen’s model of Locate, Load, and Move.
  • Lower Extremity Stability Challenges (2.5 hours, R1250)

    • Patella-femoral mobility challenges
    • Chronic Ankle Instability and the role of the gluteal muscles
    • Importance of Sub-talar mobility and great toe extension

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